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Corporate Events

Have a corporate event coming up?

Corporate Event DJ

Planning an event for your corporate party, training event, or team building gathering? Don’t just trust anyone to make your Salt Lake City event shine. Get a DJ for your corporate event who knows how to get the party going, engaging everyone to bring the whole company together.

Corporate events call for a special kind of DJ that knows how to read the crowd. At Salt Lake DJ Company, we know that every business is different, therefore the entertainment that’s right for one company might not be right for another.

In other words, we tailor our event DJ services to your company. What might work for a law firm might not work for a restaurant party. It really all depends on the culture of the company, and the type of event you’re looking for.

Corporate Event

Custom Packages

  • Pioneer DDJ-800 controller
  • QSC K12.2 speakers
  • QSC KS112 subwoofer
  • Shure BLX58 wireless microphone

Par Uplights

Lighting Options

  • Chauvet Gig Bar
  • Chauvet SlimPar 56 Uplights
  • Chauvet COLORband Uplights

Elevate Your Company Party with an Experienced DJ

A DJ for a corporate event is more than just a music provider. Sure, that’s the bread and butter. But there is so much more that goes into an event like this. A corporate event DJ is the heart and soul of the event. They are not only the event DJ, they also emcee, provide lighting, and generally just run the entire party.

With many years of experience and a fun-loving attitude, the Salt Lake DJ company corporate events DJ is here to make your event shine. When you contact us, we’ll plan out the entire event with you, including:

-What you hope to gain from the event

-The type of music you want played, as well as specific songs that are important

-The entire flow of the event, from when certain members of the business will speak, or how people will be introduced

-Any lighting ideas you have for your corporate event DJ to utilize

-Other sound ideas you have, or we can offer recommendations

-Other ideas or emcee thoughts you might have

Your corporate event is more than just a day to share information or simply put on a fun show for your business. It’s also a chance for members of the company to connect who might not otherwise have interacted, along with an opportunity to share your company culture to clients or to new employees. These events might not seem like much to some, but to you, they mean the world. Make the event one to remember with Salt Lake DJ Company.

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Call Salt Lake DJ Company to Get Started!

For a look at pricing and other information about planning your corporate event, please contact us. We can set-up a consultation and walk through our pricing structure, while also getting to know you more and the type of even you want to put on. No matter what your DJ needs are, Salt Lake DJ Company has you covered.